Thursday, July 23, 2009

Something better than dead frogs

Someone I love and respect has implied that I could do better than leave my moanings about dead critters as the top post indefinitely while I muddle through life's challenges. The last few weeks have been nothing but work, work, work. For a while there, it looked like my upcoming vacation would be canceled. That particular drama kept me worried and fretting for days until I worked things out. I needed a correction in my perspective. Along with the realization that I can take a vacation that is ill-timed, I got lots of kudos from people who matter.

In honor of my pending trip to the beach, I give you beach-pix.

Friday, July 03, 2009

Al, Please stop killing frogs

Yet another victim of the killer cat. I walked into my office and found this poor guy spread-eagle on the floor.
I reported the situation to my dear hubby but he was busy preparing dinner. I tried to ignore the corpse while I wrapped up a few work items before the long weekend, but when Al came back to play (and perhaps nibble) I couldn't take it. I disposed of the poor little dead thing on my own. {shudder}
Al, please...PLEASE stop killing frogs!