Wednesday, September 23, 2009

My first book review: Carter Beats the Devil

Carter beats the rap, the odds, the competition and wins the girl...twice

Although initially daunted by the length of "Carter Beats the Devil," the novel came highly recommended so I committed to include it in my summer reading material. At over 650 pages it was a little bulky for beach fare but perfect for my bedside table.

The characters are well-developed and engaging, which makes the tale easy to read in bursts. We follow Carter's story from childhood, when he is first introduced to magic, to his early days as a magician, through his career in a field that is secretive and competitive. Author Glen David Gold establishes the story in an era filled with historical references, including the presence of such characters as Houdini and President Warren G. Harding.

Woven throughout the tale of Carter's career are tales of courtship, romance, chivalry, danger and intrigue. Carter's first love blooms and grows despite his awkwardness. When disaster strikes, we mourn with Carter. When, later in life, Carter finds himself with the opportunity to love again we're compelled to cheer him on in his efforts at romance.

Carter is a man who consistently strives to do the right thing in every situation. Gold does him justice, developing Carter as a sympathetic character to be admired and supported, even when it appears he may have gone too far in pursuit of his next illusion. This is truly a tale well told.

Posted on Barnes & Noble's site, September 22, 2009, 10:42 AM EST

Tuesday, September 01, 2009

Oh Al, you shouldn't have!

What a sweet cat! He knew it was my darling hubby's birthday so he brought him a gift.

"Happy Birthday! Here's the bird I brought you! I did nibble off the head while I was waiting for you to come find this treasure. Hope you don't mind!"

And I, because I love both my husband and the cat, I cleaned up the mess. I bagged the bird and vacuumed the feathers up. Even though I don't do dead animals - that's why I stay married. So HE can do dead animals. But I love him, and it was his birthday.