Monday, April 27, 2009

Another case of "after"

Saturday I rolled up my sleeves and went to battle with the dust bunnies (well, really "against the dust bunnies" and clutter that had taken over my office.

I'm not really thinking the photos here can do justice to the sights and sounds and scents that are my newly refreshed zen-like retreat.

The Lavender reed diffuser is a delight. The candle from IKEA contributes to the sights/scents with a slightly tropical aura.

The plants which greet my distracted gaze further the feeling of a retreat from the world.

I fiddled with the waterfall and it once again contributes to the wellness of my world.

Saturday, April 25, 2009

Then Sings My Soul: “Thank you” by 33 Miles

This perfectly captures where I'm at right now. "Thank you" by 33 Miles.

I'm a sucker for faith videos that capture teen-adoration for God. I loved the song before, and even more now.

Thank You, by 33 Miles
What if in morning when I wake up
Even before I fill my coffee cup
I said thank You
Thank You

What if I look at the day and the hours ahead
And before I move forward I bowed my head
And said thank You
Oh I said thank You

What if I looked at my life in a different way
Took a little more time to stop and pray
I know it would change all the moments in between
So here I go

Thank You for everything
Thank You for loving me
It don't even matter what tomorrow brings
Well I will sing my

Thank You for sun and rain
For what You give and take away
For all Your goodness I will always say
Thank You
Oh I'll say thank You

What if I lost everything that I had
I could smile and somehow still be glad
And say thank You
Thank you

'Cause life is joy, life is pain
But the prayer on my heart will never change
I say thank You
Oh I'll say thank You

Friday, April 24, 2009

Frants - this just irks me. Probably for no good reason.

I come into the office building the same way every day. One of the sights that greets me is this charming poster. I'd rather not be too liberal in criticism of my benefactor's marketing. I'm posting this image here as my little way of saying "Bleh! I don't like it!"

Ed: "Irk" may not be the right word (I'm not always good at naming my feelings). Maybe it's "vex" or "perplex" or "befuddle" or "bemuse" or "baffle" or "I wish they would take it down because I can't figure out how this is supposed to sell more product or inspire." What is the reaction they're looking for, anyway?

I should have mentioned this poster is almost as big as a single bed sheet.

Thursday, April 23, 2009

For those who just visited and saw the "before," here's "after"

Our downstairs living room is "beach" theme, but the bathroom was not (sorry - I forgot to take photos of "before"). I finally bit the bullet and redecorated the bathroom. Although the Baptismal reception at our house Sunday should have motivated me to finish the project before company came, such was not the case. I finished the day after everyone left. The fun side was getting my Mom and sis's input during the weekend.

My crafty (in an artsy way) Mom helped with the 3 shadowboxes. These were nude, but I spray-painted them white. The photos are from Puerto Rico, my back yard and Florida.

The photos here really don't do 'em justice. You'll just have to come visit to appreciate the clever ambiance of our guest bath.

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Al strikes again...well, maybe "strikes" is too strong a word

This morning as I went about my business I came around a corner and was startled by a visitor. The good news was that this visitor was alive and breathing. In light of the last 3 (yes 3) dead guests, I'm delighted to say that this latest conquest was not conquered. No, he was trying to blend in with the background. He sat still while I ran to get my camera, but disappeared into the laundry room soon after.

Al, oh Al....Look how you nap so innocently. Did this little froggy wear you out? I worried for a minute that Mr. Froggy spit poison at the killer cat because the frog appears unscathed and Al seems whupped.

Surprise # 2 came when I fixed my morning tea and turned around to almost step on the visitor. As you can see, Mr. Froggy was nice enough to clean out dust bunnies from under the washing machine. You gotta love a visitor who jumps in and helps with the housekeeping!

No pun intended.

Loving hubby jumped in and scooped up our guest and dumped her unceremoniously outside into our delightful backyard....for Al to chase again on another day.

Friday, April 17, 2009

Hopeless Diamond

In another blast from my past...back in the days of LV community theatre.

"The Curse of the Hopeless Diamond" dinner mystery:

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Monday, April 13, 2009


From the Lago Vista Player's production of "Rumors" (circa 2002). What a hoot that was! I'm going to use this in my next staff meeting. I think the team will get a kick out of this, eh?

Sunday, April 12, 2009

Happy Easter!

A season for celebrating beautiful things.

And the promise of things to come.

Praise God for his Son! Alleluia!

Friday, April 10, 2009

Frants - Professional Spelling Errors

I'm introducing a new theme-day for this blog. I don't want to get into a bad habit of whining and complaining but sometimes the world throws things my way that are just worth sharing. Whether the light cast on these things is positive or negative, well I'll leave some of that to your judgment. It's one thing when we make typos in our day to day activities, but it's something else altogether when we find items at the store that have been mass distributed with spelling errors. "The Lord is my ligth..."

'Tis Spring

I needed to enjoy the flowers today.

Monday, April 06, 2009

The season's second kill

Yesterday was a day of highs and lows. The first half of the day (getting ready for church, going to Sunday School, church itself) was as good as it gets. By afternoon, however, I was in a bit of a funk. One of the funk-contributors was the aftermath of Al (aka "the killer cat") and his evil ways natural desire to please us with his prowess.

He laid this treasure outside of the sun room door, then meowed and meowed and meowed to be let in. I wish I knew how to respond to discourage this behavior in him. I know he's a cat and he's doing what comes naturally, but I am not looking forward to spending the summer dealing with dead animals. Here we can see the shriveled corpse of a frog (probably the 1st kill, set free and didn't make it, if I had to guess).

Here is the Killer Cat lurking, waiting. I watched him stalk a bird, quietly slipping into the dwarf bamboo that grows near the would-be-(will-be-when-it's-put-back-together) pond. I shouted "Al, no!" and the sparrow was spared, but it's only a matter of time. His instincts are strong.

I guess I should be grateful. With Spring here, he has quit attacking me as I walk blissfully through the house, unaware that I'm being stalked by the Killer Cat.

Sunday, April 05, 2009

Maybe an "angst" post

Classy? You bet. (Not)
This is on the rear window of the car my daughter's boyfriend bought for my daughter. We suggested goo-gone.
In the end (no pun intended) I think she finds the message to her liking.

Saturday, April 04, 2009

Then Sings My Soul: "I'm Letting Go" by Francesca Battistelli

This process has been going on for weeks. You can read recent posts here or on my other blog and know that I'm struggling with letting go of the old and embracing the unknown. There is comfort in competence.

I'm Letting Go

My heart beats, standing on the edge
But my feet have finally left the ledge
Like an acrobat
There’s no turning back

I’m letting go
Of the life I planned for me
And my dreams
Losing control
Of my destiny
Feels like I’m falling and that’s what it’s like to believe

So I’m letting go
This is a giant leap of faith
Trusting and trying to embrace
The fear of the unknown
Beyond my comfort zone

I’m letting go
Of the life I planned for me
And my dreams
Losing control
Of my destiny
Feels like I’m falling and that’s what it’s like to believe

So I’m letting go
Giving in to your gravity
Knowing You are holding me
I’m not afraid
Feels like I’m falling and that’s what it’s like to believe
Feels like I’m falling and this is the life for me

Thursday, April 02, 2009

Liberal Arts! Fine Arts! So much better than real life!

I spent the day watching one act plays at a UIL competition. Comedies. Tragedies. Teenagers playing old people. Irish, Scottish, British, Amish and New Jersey accents. Some well done. Some unintelligible.

Work has been a total buzz-kill this week so it was an absolute delight to lose myself in the darkness, spending 45 minutes at a time in different worlds, different times, different contexts.

Then, an hour waiting for the judge to finalize his results, sitting next to a 3rd grader who was fascinated by the potholder I was crocheting. Who told me all about his field trip to Inner Space Caverns. Who didn't need me for anything. No escalations, no demands, just friendly chatter. In the end, his parents thanked me - presumably for tolerating him, but I gave them my heartfelt thanks. In this day and age, it's nice that they allowed their young son to visit with a stranger (even if only in the seats right in front of them).

Ultimately the 8 hours spent at the UIL competition was the high point of my week.