Thursday, April 23, 2009

For those who just visited and saw the "before," here's "after"

Our downstairs living room is "beach" theme, but the bathroom was not (sorry - I forgot to take photos of "before"). I finally bit the bullet and redecorated the bathroom. Although the Baptismal reception at our house Sunday should have motivated me to finish the project before company came, such was not the case. I finished the day after everyone left. The fun side was getting my Mom and sis's input during the weekend.

My crafty (in an artsy way) Mom helped with the 3 shadowboxes. These were nude, but I spray-painted them white. The photos are from Puerto Rico, my back yard and Florida.

The photos here really don't do 'em justice. You'll just have to come visit to appreciate the clever ambiance of our guest bath.


dallasdiva said...

I love them. Finally, meetings that aren't a total waste of your time . . . you were in a meeting as you did this weren't you?

you gotta wonder said...

dallas diva: you called me out! :)