Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Al strikes again...well, maybe "strikes" is too strong a word

This morning as I went about my business I came around a corner and was startled by a visitor. The good news was that this visitor was alive and breathing. In light of the last 3 (yes 3) dead guests, I'm delighted to say that this latest conquest was not conquered. No, he was trying to blend in with the background. He sat still while I ran to get my camera, but disappeared into the laundry room soon after.

Al, oh Al....Look how you nap so innocently. Did this little froggy wear you out? I worried for a minute that Mr. Froggy spit poison at the killer cat because the frog appears unscathed and Al seems whupped.

Surprise # 2 came when I fixed my morning tea and turned around to almost step on the visitor. As you can see, Mr. Froggy was nice enough to clean out dust bunnies from under the washing machine. You gotta love a visitor who jumps in and helps with the housekeeping!

No pun intended.

Loving hubby jumped in and scooped up our guest and dumped her unceremoniously outside into our delightful backyard....for Al to chase again on another day.

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