Thursday, August 03, 2006

Nautical Artifacts

I love the beach and I love being in, near or around water. On our last trip to Port Aransas, I also discovered a love of treasure hunting. At local gift shops and restaurants I tried on several occasions to purchase decorative items that had actually been recovered from the sea. No one was willing to sell, but I did learn that what the sea offers up is considered public domain. I went so far as to talk to the harbor-master and he confirmed that we could just comb the beach without regard to property lines or ownership. Here are some of our finds.

We hauled this enormous net with our jetski. I'm still amazed we did not do harm to man or machine during our adventures. I hung this net out hoping that someday I'll understand how the heck it works. I welcome all to study the picture or come visit in person, to help. I'm not certain that I'll ever figure out this riddle on my own.

The 2 palm trees are supposed to max out at 80 feet. They're planted in a sand bed, as recommended. With all that sand, our beach-finds seem quite at home. A couple of buoys, some driftwood and a couple of coconuts, mixed with shells and a few washed-up bottles hopefully create a castaway feel.


BigSis said...

Very nice. Not sure I would go for the stuff hanging on the fence but it really looks nice.

Didn't know you were such a beach fan. This is probably cheaper than buying a place on the beach somewhere. Condos in my in-laws building are going for 5-6 hundred thousand. That gives me pause!

you gotta wonder said...

Yes, I imagine a cool half mil would give most of us pause. As little sister said, I managed to take what others might consider trash and turn it into yard art. And aren't I proud!?!

The nice thing is that the yard is big enough that the beach theme doesn't overwhelm.