Friday, May 01, 2009

Frants - Will the last one to leave please turn out the lights

First, this sign appeared on the vending machine at the end of our hallway. Someone decided it would be more efficient to have fewer snack machines. This is not really about what is efficient for the average employee. This is not about being able to grab a convenient snack when you're working through lunch. This is about a bean counter somewhere crunching the numbers on their end (the service provider) and deciding their bottom line was better served with fewer snack machines. Will they run the numbers in a year and determine that their margin was reduced because fewer snacks were sold as a result of less available tempting noshes? Probably not.
Then, soon after, this sign appeared on all of the bathroom doors. "A New Way of Office Cleaning is Sweeping Across 'The Company'..." How exciting? This is just the sort of message that really gets you feeling good about your situation. Who wouldn't love a housekeeping service that is more personalized, efficient and environmentally friendly? Who knew that what they really meant was that all employees would have to empty their own waste baskets. No joke. There are now centrally located trash cans in the main hallways and everyone is expected to make the trip from their cubicle to the main trash cans. And they cut the hours of the housekeeping staff. Stay tuned. I'm sure I'll soon have photos of overflowing waste baskets in the cubes of the slovenly.

It warms my heart to know how much 'The Company' is looking out for us. Not every employer would be so sensitive to our needs.


Cha Cha said...

Wow - you are so lucky! I hope this means you get to work in the cafeteria in addition to your regular job, too.

At Corporate Behemoth, we just found out they killed all merit raises. I keep telling myself I'm blessed to have a job, but sometimes ...

you gotta wonder said...

I'll giggle the day they hand me the weed eater and let me start trimming the groundcover. It'll be like training for my next career. ;)