Monday, August 17, 2009

What the cat dragged in least I hope the cat's to blame. Otherwhise I'm wondering why so many snakes are finding their way inside. Last week, as I made my way through the house in the early light of the rising sun, I was startled to see this snake waiting impatiently by the front door. Hubby was just rising so I let him know of our unwelcome guest. he commented later that this had been one of the nastier house guests to date. Apparently the snake had tried repeatedly to take a bite out of my darling!
This morning, when hubby fished around in the bottom of the pantry for something he discovered yet another snake. This one was smaller, but just as fiesty. In case it wasn't fun enough to watch my darling catch a snake with the kitchen tongs, our priest called during the exercise (exorcism?). As I took this photo, hubby was telling our priest that I was taking a picture to put on the blog. Go figure. He knows me so well.

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Cha Cha said...

Yikes. I'm bummed about the dead bunnies in my yard / house ... but I'd take that over snakes any day of the week.