Monday, October 19, 2009

"The One That Got Away"

Fortunately, by the time I found the feathers spread out across my bedroom floor, I already knew this one had a happy ending... relatively speaking anyway.

Occasionally when we're away the house is locked up but the sunroom door gets left open. This means that Al, the killer cat, can come and go with access to the outside world. Not such a good idea.

When I got home from a Saturday afternoon outing, I could hear Al upstairs meowing away. I followed the sound to my office where I found him hovering over a poor little baby bird. I quickly grabbed a washcloth from the nearest bathroom and used it to carefully envelop the bird and whisk the terrorized little guy to safety. I released it in our front yard in the hedges. Based on its hasty retreat, it didn't appear to be harmed.

Shortly after, I found the feathers all over my bedroom floor. Given my focus, I didn't have time to take a photo of the victim. I was able to snap this image at my leisure. I give you "The One That Got Away".

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