Monday, June 15, 2009

Bluebonnets, a Texas tradition

This image is actually from my archive. I couldn't stand to leave the froghead on "top" since I'm pretty lax in keeping this blog up-to-date.

Back in April, the bluebonnets bloomed. This is an annual event in these parts. The bluebonnet is our state flower and it grows wild in fields and along the Texas highways. On a trip to Houston a few months ago we were amused by all of the cars pulled over to take photos of loved ones amidst the beautiful blue flowers. Here are at least a dozen families in one field trying to snap that keepsake. Funnier were the people pulled onto the shoulder. The resulting image will belie the proximity to 70mph traffic. Ah, the beauty of photography and the magic of perception.

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shopannies said...

love blue bonnets and oh to see a field of them