Sunday, July 30, 2006

Changed the web page address

One comment on chagrin - in searching for a better address for the blog (it was "backyardoasislady" but since the site is about the oasis and not about the lady I wanted an address that focused appropriately) I ran into some difficulty. "Backyardoasis" was taken, no problem. "Backyardparadise" also taken, but here - chagrin: The blog was created 2 years ago and has only one post (the original post) that is only one line long . . . "day 1: wow! - where do i start". Hardly seems fair. So in the absence of recourse, I settled for "ourownoasis" because that, in fact, is what it is all about. :)

1 comment:

BigSis said...

Looked at all the pictures. Am thoroughly impressed and confused. But that is okay. Your yard looks lovely. I am very envious of the yard itself not to mention the landscaping, pool, hot tub, pond and fountain. At least I still have more bathrooms!

Sorry I wasn't here this am. Helping with Singing Safari Music Camp for 4& 5 yr olds at church. Being blogless, you wouldn't know this. So now it is almost 8 and I am still doing laundry.
Love ya.