Saturday, July 29, 2006

Maybe some day I'll come back and sort things out so the story plays out better. I spend most of my spare time actually in the oasis, not on-line. The view from my office (overlooking the pond) is always present, tempting me to go out and be a part of the glorious celebration of nature. Beautiful flowers, butterflies, birds . . . and a bit of yard art for supplemental entertainment. Keep your eyes open, because there's visual candy from any angle.

I'll also need to come back with at least a short video (which can be looped for extended pleasure) to provide some idea of the symphony which accompanies these views. Birds, windchimes, the babbling brook and waterfalls to further delight the senses. An occasional waft of jasmine on the summer breeze adds to the stimulation.

If you've noticed - I'm a fan of my own backyard. I hope to find you a member of the club by the time you finish perusing this page. Enjoy!

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