Wednesday, July 26, 2006

Willing to give it a try

Once upon a time there was a great big back yard. Just a big green expanse of lawn. But from the first day we saw it, we knew....

and here we are in the early stages. Yes, of course! A swimming pool and hot tub. But that's not all, no that's not all. We are also adding a sun room and a pond. Can you picture the oasis that this will become? The time frame is April. 'Tis Spring, and hopes are high. Visions of paradise are forming. One of the challenges was the perpetual need to reconcile the differing visions, but we always made it through the discussions, no matter how heated. Typically, whoever was breaking a sweat got the final vote on implementation details. We're blessed with a large lot, which allows for lots of win-win compromises with both ideas having room for implementation. Behind the property is a large kennel/cattle ranch and surrounding that, a large county park. We're on a corner/cul-de-sac and have an odd shaped lot, with 2 houses on one side and one on the other. We'd like to create the ambiance of a tropical resort, miles away from the 2 houses on one side and one on the other.

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dallasdiva said...

You are so funny. I love that you have a blog.