Saturday, September 27, 2008


What an interesting journey I've been on! At least from my perspective. "Interesting" in the chinese curse sort of way, perhaps, but I am not the same person I was 2 years ago, that is for sure.

Two years ago..... I had only one grandchild, and great hopes. In September '06 I delivered (yes, literally was on the receiving end) my 2nd grandchild. A granddaughter. She now lives in Washington, DC with the parents who adopted her. Last month they informed us they have changed their mind about letting us see her. I'm thinking of starting a grandparent's rights advocacy group. When our granddaughter was born, I hit a seriously low point. I lack the vocabulary to describe how low. From there, up or out were my only options. Fortunately, it was "up". I hope to spend some time documenting all I have learned since '06. It's been quite an adventure. I've started a separate blog - "A mother's angst" to document the heartache and learnings. I hope to get lots of feedback from folks, and to share "what not to do's".

I will post new pictures of my fabulous backyard on the alternative "oasis" blog, because it was easier to load photos there. I am blessed to have such a retreat.

I will use this blog to talk more about general goings on and commentaries on life in general. I've been reading, reading, reading lately. I'm currently engrossed in "Eat, Pray, Love". Have you read it?

I'm also writing. Last year I wrote a manuscript for Guidepost Magazine, which I finally submitted. I was trying to get into their Writer's Workshop, but instead they accepted the article and are planning to publish it in January, '09! I've become a regular contributor to my Church's monthly newsletter, and now... I'm back to blogging. My sister pointed me to Mrs. G, and now I'm really inspired! Is it too late to be a part of Project Ass '08???? Plus - it's great to realize there's a whole world of bloggers out there! What a community!

I'm looking forward to being a part of it.

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dallasdiva said...

I love Eat, Pray, Love. Such a great book.