Sunday, September 28, 2008

Visiting my husband in jail

It's not what you think! My husband is an active leader in a prison ministry called Kairos. Today was the closing ceremony. It is always very moving and uplifting to hear the men talk about how the weekend has affected them. It means a lot to them that people on "the outside" care about them. The letters we've written, the prayers we've lifted up, and our presence at the end....all speak volumes. Sometimes these are the only letters/visits these men have received during their stay at Bartlett Jail. It's unfortunate there's not more of a program for them after they get out of jail. It's sorta like AA - a weekly meeting is a must! It is wonderful to hear how they have been changed, but it would be better to know that the support system will carry them through the huge transition of returning to life outside.

Any thoughts? Anyone out there have a story to tell about a loved one who's "done time"?

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