Thursday, January 01, 2009

Guideposts, continued....

We had just returned from a trip with my parents. I was sitting in my parents' living room when my Dad decided to check their messages. Imagine my surprise when one of the messages was from an old friend (and neighbor) of theirs. Someone who knew me during my teen years. Someone who had just read my Guideposts article and wanted to confirm that the author was, in fact, who she thought it was (moi). I'm moved to tears. Thank you, LORD, that I was here to hear that message first hand. My Dad called her back and we were able to chat. I feel so blessed and so affirmed!


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Cha Cha said...

Oh, Fran! I just read your article, and it moved me to tears. Thank you for writing about your journey, and thank you for posting it here. I am so proud (but not surprised!) that you are published!

"Be still" seems to be a lesson that I am working on as well. Funny how something so simple can be a challenge.

Please keep doing what you're doing. You are amazing, and you touch so many people.