Sunday, January 11, 2009

Prayer Vigil

I have been praying for a young lady, A, who was injured in a head-on collision ~mid-December. I've been tracking her progress, privileged to be included in the Caring Bridge updates. Initially the site was open to all, but apparently someone left some unkind remarks in his comments and the bridge was closed. Gated and guarded. A's father sent me an e-mail (I'm assuming he poked on anyone who was leaving kind comments) asking "friend or foe." I explained that I only knew of A through her cousin's blog. Thankfully I was let in.

Last night there was a prayer vigil for A, led by an uncle on the west coast. I prayed for A up until bed time and was praying for her when I awoke. What I didn't realize until later was that my waking coincided with her uncle logging off. Praise God for the 2 hour time difference. My 5am was their 3am. God has been listening to our songs of praise and pleas for intervention and healing, words lifted throughout the night without missing a beat.

During the course of the last month I have found my prayer life evolving. Not my one-on-one prayers between myself and God, but my "evangelical" out-there prayers that other people can hear and read. What I now think of as "extroverted prayers." Not so private. I started here, but I can feel this growing within me.

Yesterday I attended "Eucharistic Visitor" training. I'm already trained as a Eucharistic Minister, but now I'm licensed to go to hospitals, homes, wherever I'm needed to visit those who are sick or infirm, to include them in the blessing of Communion. A natural part of this role is praying aloud with people. For people.

It's humbling to know that God has a purpose for me and He is intent on helping me fulfill His purpose even when I'm clueless. I pray for my own obedience. His will be done.


This post is dedicated to A and her family.


Cha Cha said...

How exciting! I'm so proud of you for growing and finding new ways to serve.

you gotta wonder said...

Thanks Cha Cha! This has truly been a blessing.