Thursday, March 05, 2009

I think back and smile

One of the high points of my recent trip to Taipei was the 15 minutes spent in the Green Relaxing Zone.

I stepped into this room, this zen-like respite along the airport corridor, and walked slowly around the suspended images.

I found the instructions intriguing. Especially the part about the FREE TOKEN.

I sought out the token, and returned for a few moments of relaxation before boarding the plane for the first, and longest leg, of my journey home.

The ambiance set the tone, but the chair, oh the chair, how I love the chair. The went on and on...on and on. At least 10-15 minutes. It was a beautiful thing.
Several locals came by and after several pass-by's went and got their own token. Clearly the American was on to something. Ah, the memories. I think back and smile.

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dallasdiva said...

You tease so. I yearn for a massage, but I have NO FREAKING TIME. Sigh. I must just stare at your photos with a small bit of envy . . .