Sunday, March 29, 2009

This is a test

I'm delighted to occasionally hit on a technical solution that lends itself to improving my life or lifestyle. Being able to do word processing in a tool I'm familiar with (i.e. MS Word) and post posts with no muss, no fuss…well, that makes life better, doesn't it?

How about if I want a sentence centered?

if I want
to play with fonts?

Here goes…I'm about to hit "publish."


dallasdiva said...

What delights me to no end is having family (and friends) who are little techie geeks that discover cool things that I then get to benefit from. . . lovely.

So, are you back in the land of cell phones?

you gotta wonder said...

Indeed. I'm not sure why all of the line breaks were introduced, but it is still a world better than actually blogging in blogger.

I will have my cell phone back by ~7pm. Can you *believe* I came all of this way without it???