Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Not fasting

We stopped for french fries at 4:30 (or 5) and so ended the fast. Then home to sleep off the "twilight". Endoscopy revealed nothing significant. No clear explanation for the chronic sore throat. Mild hiatal hernia, mild acid reflux. We knew this going into yesterday's procedure.

"More tests!" say they. "Nay!" say I. "Continue taking the twice daily PPI," (which I was taking once a day and they told me I could quit taking a few weeks ago) say they. "Hmmm...." say I.

The good news is - there is nothing grossly out of whack. No polyps, no holes in the walls, nothing funky growing in there.

So what if? What if this mysterious pain in my throat really is God's way of saying "Shut up and write"? Do I need a picture of the billboard that is posted in my heart? When I look within, that's the message I'm getting. "Stop talking and write."

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dallasdiva said...

No, not stop talking. Just, perhaps, think before you speak so that your words are wisely chosen, unless you are talking to me in which case just blurt out what ever you are thinking. That's more fun.