Sunday, October 19, 2008

Once upon a fish tank

Once upon a time there was a fish tank that lived in the corner of a lovely "front room" in a home in Texas. That fish tank was home to many happy fishies. Over time, there were fewer and fewer happy fishies. Not because the fishies were unhappy, mind you, but because the fishies were "opting out" of life in the tank.

After the chief cook and bottle washer (Correction: I don't cook or wash bottles, but I do earn the bacon and feed the fish) spent 2.5 weeks in Malaysia/Singapore, there was only one fish remaining - a tough and savage Bali shark. He may look innocent enough, but he was a true killer, known for eating everything that was added to the tank whether it was a free minnow from the pond or a $2.99 tetra. Although the tank slowly decended into a state of neglect (as noted by the hardwater drips in evidence behind the shark), things came to a head last week when the hood finally lit its last. The dim, flickering light gave up its ghost and would light no more.

Finally, finally, finally it was time for a change. We took the shark to the fish store and traded him in for a bunch of little, lively tetras.

(Ignore any signs of tank neglect. I think I mentioned the sordid history leading up to this point.)

When we went to the fish store, I only had one criteria - "passive". I want fish that don't pick each other to death! I was told that Tetras "school" but you can tell by the picture that it's remedial school. I'm hoping that with time they get their act together. And, we (of course) replaced the dead hood (integrated lighting) so we can see what the little guys are up to.

Oh! I have so enjoyed the "new" tank. It is filled with lights and action! It is fun to feed them. The minnows that were destined to end their lives as shark food now think they are tetras. It is a joyful celebration to witness. But! No community tank is complete without guppies! So ... we went to the local pet store and bought some guppies.
And oh my! I forgot what horny little buggers the guppies are. Poor little females are being pestered to death. Not picking, pricking! It is truly something to behold. Makes me feel kinda frisky. Nevermind the algae growing in the tank. I have better things to think about!

Oh, honey!!! Where are you?

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Great. Now I feel dirty. I gotta go take a shower.