Wednesday, October 01, 2008

Note to self

"Do not let blogging become your new addiction."

I'm blogging as part of my new discipline in living a balanced life. I have successfully shaken an addiction to World of Warcraft (an online game, also fondly referred to as "World of Warcrack"). In the game, one thing tends to lead to another and you can spend hours (and hours) playing, completely losing track of time. It seems in the blogging network, something similar happens. Some level of discipline is required to avoid getting sucked into the vortex.

As part of my new discipline, I have made some commitments to myself. I must continue my regular work-outs (at least 5 times a week I spend 15-20 minutes with Richard Simmons). I must continue to work (professionally) because I enjoy the regular paychecks. I am still writing monthly pieces for my church newsletter, and the October deadline is fast-approaching.

I have not done any bible-study homework this week (since Sunday, when I realized we weren't meeting for 2 weeks)! This is not fitting with the new discipline. I should maintain some level of study, so I will use the extra time to study scripture on "obedience" and "submission". What exactly is the difference?

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